Welsh Wool coldatnight Blanket in haf/summer blue


A new soft blue, indigo, cloud and grey has just come off the loom.

A fforest classic to keep and to treasure.

We have our coldatnight welsh wool blanket woven specially for us at a very old water mill near the banks of the River Teifi.
Back then the power supply came from the river.
Melin Teifil has been weaving for 180 years.
It takes a while to get good at something. The Artisan wool makers of Wales enjoy a reputation through out the world; more quality than required.
Our blanket is a traditional Welsh double cloth weave unique to fforest.
We have made a few tweaks and given it some new colours to a very old design, giving new life to an old way.
Using new wool on a 1930's Dobbcross loom, each thread is put through the heddles by hand, as it always was.
We have kept the traditional chain border down the sides and blanket stitched along the ends.

180 x 210 cm (approx.)

We recommend that you dry clean our blankets.

Woven very well in West Wales

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