coldatnight welsh wool blanket musette


The musette has long been used by professional cycling teams to not only feed their riders but to advertise and market their sponsors. Colourful creative designs are part of the musettes heritage.

Using our coldatnight weaves, we are really pleased to bring you our very own fforest musette. (thank you evilgordon)
They are made with an adjustable strap, 3 metal poppers along the top. There is a reflector tab on the side and we have added an internal pocket to keep your phone handy.

Each musette is hand made by a specialist manufacture in Bristol, where modern techniques quality fabrics and components are used to ensure a robust, hardwearing musette.
If you don't ride a bike you can still carry a musette!

The classic
Dimensions: 34cm x 27cm

100% new wool outer with waxed cotton liner and nylon strap
Made well in Britain

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