fforest Being, doing & making in nature


Spending time outdoors and being in nature is what we encourage most here at fforest. Swimming in the sea, walking in the woods, daydreaming and cloud spotting, stargazing and breathing fresh air, all fundamental to calming our soul, our well-being, health and happiness.
Here is a newbook by one of the fforest family celebrating the enhancing effect of spending time in nature, with guides, tips and inspiration to try and re-discover pursuits that would have been second nature to previous generations.
How to catch a spider crab and a razor clam, seaweed and tree identification, woodland bathing, which wood burns best, make and cook campfire flatbread, how to print with the sun, press flowers and make good compost. And plenty more.

By Sian Tucker
Published by Kylebooks
Beautiful photos by Finn Beales
Design by The Department of SmallWorks
192 pages of good things - 19.9 x 2.7 x 24.4cms