fforest blanket musette in charcoal


The musette has long been used by professional cycling teams to carry food and replenishments on long races. They are simply constructed bags with an open compartment and a long handle that allows cyclists to strap them crossbody and easily get to the contents with one hand.
Colourful and creative designs being part of the musette's heritage to promote their team and sponsors.

Using our coldatnight weaves, we are really pleased to bring you our very own fforest musette.

They are made with an adjustable webbing strap for comfortable carrying, made from recycled car seatbelt from the car dismantlers just up the road.
There are 2 magnetic snaps along the top to keep your things safe inside.
A waxed cotton liner with internal pockets to keep your phone and bits and bobs handy.
And there is a little reflective tab on the side.

Each musette is carefully hand made here in Cardigan, in very small batches from our specially woven wool blanket cloth. Each one is a little bit different from another.
Modern techniques, quality fabrics and components, ensure a robust and hardwearing, heritage musette.

Although we say it ourselves we think they look fabulous and if you don't ride a bike you can still carry a musette!

*A possible 2 week wait while it gets made*

The classic
Dimensions: 35cm x 27cm approx
Adjustable strap

100% new wool outer with waxed cotton liner.

Made very well in West Wales.

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