fforest fire striker


fforest fire striker for starting a fire!

Tips to get your fire started..
First of all you’ll need some very dry, we mean REALLY DRY tinder … this is one of the major keys to lighting a successful fire … dead grass or weeds, dry dockweed is good, or dry wood shavings or birch bark, twine pulled apart, dryer lint or cotton balls… all make good tinder.
Next you’ll need to get your campfire all set up and ready to go … set up your Tee Pee Fire with your dry tinder on a dry surface like sticks or a rock, and add little bits of very dry kindling. Then top it off with some larger sticks for fuel.
To generate sparks, pull the fire stiker rod toward you while it rubs against the edge of the striker steel.
It is a real knack and alot of practice makes perfect. It can be very frustrating but it is very rewarding when you do manage to light your fire without matches … sometimes a little cottonwool ball fluffed up with a little bit of vasaline helps.

This is a nice firestriker made in the Swedish part of Lapland using the traditional natural material of curly birch for the handle. A firestriker steel is an essential component of any bushcraft or survival kit and this firestriker comes with real character and is used by the Swedish army.
We have had our fforest name branded onto the steel.

Quality all-weather firestriker steel
12000+ strikes
The exposed steel is approx. 6 cm or 2.35" and 9.5mm in diameter (full army size)
The total length approx. 13cm
Handle made from curly birch wood in Lapland

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