Knitted scarf


We love scarves and their versatility.

Scarves have been worn since ancient times across all the lands, cultures and climates. Worn to keep warm and to keep cool, by both men and women, warriors, workers, cowboys, students and royalty.
They can be square, triangular or oblong and tied and draped in very many ways including the pussy-cat bow, the square knot, cowboy bib, ascot knot, the loop, the necktie, and the gypsy kerchief.

Here we have had specially knitted for us in our welsh blanket design a small run of scarves which are deliciously super soft merino wool, comfortable and long, reversable and light, perfectly cosy and easy to wrap up in.

We have 4 colours to choose from

Bright blue and sky blue with conker and charcoal trim
Fern and moss with stone and orange trim
Fire hot red and orange with plum and gold trim
Charcoal and silver birch with midnight and fawn trim

Size - 32cm width x 172cm length

Made in the UK by Corgi who make our socks, from 100% extrafine merino wool
To take care of these soft yarns - gentle wool wash at 30 degrees and dry flat.