For those who love chocolate,
Spanish hot chocolate, luxurious chocolate spread and a fforest mug.

Spanish hot chocolate
This is the best hot chocloate according to our cook Heather .. who has tried quite a few!
This high-quality hot drinking chocolate is from Catalunya. Spain is famous for its rich, thick drinking chocolate, known as 'Chocolate a la Taza'.
Very delicious and very more-ish, we think you will love it too.
Add 3-4 heaped tea spoons into a standard cup, add very hot milk and stir untill all the powder has been dissolved.
350g in the tin

A fforest mug to drink your hot chocloate

And a jar of truley delicious Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Spread In Welsh - Siocled cnau cyll
Jacksons favorite spread on bread anytime of the day.
It's from our friends at Crwst bakery here in Cardigan. And is made from roasted hazelnuts and dark rich chocolate.
No palm oil and no preservatives - Egg, gluten and dairy free.
210g jar

You might like to add

A bright red enamel sauce pan perfect for heating the milk in .. you know how we love shiny, bright and cheery enamelware.


A fforest tea towel