Hand forged mini hatchette axe


The mini hatchet is a small and practical outdoors axe.

Hults Bruk have been crafting hand forged axes since 1697 and are one of the oldest axe making companies still around. It takes many, many blows with a hammer to produce the axe’s final shape. This method is costly, but it increases the density of the steel, thereby also improving the axe’s durability compared to those produced with less workmanship. There are very few manufacturers left in the world with craftsmen who still command this technique. Forged from top quality Swedish axe steel with carefully attached handles that are made from selected and oiled prime hickory heartwood.
Each axehead has been carefully heat treated to obtain an optimal hardness of 58-59 HRC. The edge has been ground by hand and goes through several stages of honing and stropping to obtain a razor sharp edge.

If used and cared for, these axes will last for generations.

The handle length of this model is 9" (23.5cm), and the weight is 0.50kg.
Perfect size to be stowed in a rucksack or attached to a belt.
Each axe comes with a sturdy leather sheath.

Made well in Sweden

Shaving sharp "out of the box".
*You must be 18 years and older to by this axe*

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