Kupilka classic Kuska cup


Kupilka is a classic Scandinavian drinking cup with a little spoon.

Inspired by the traditional Sami wooden Kuska cup that has become a long standing favorite drinking cup in Scandinavia.
Traditionally they are carved out of wood and carried on a thong on your belt when out in the woods.
It will hold about 210ml and comes with a reindeer leather lanyard.
These cups are produced from an environmentally friendly Biomaterial developed by Puugia, the centre for wood Technology in Joensuu, finnland.
50% wood fiber and 50% plastic
Each of the Kupilka cups have a unique pattern, due to the high wood content, so makes them much more interesting.
Maintenance free, they do not absorb smells or moisture.

They are also fully recyclable

Comes in a cardboard packaging

Made in Finland

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