Ponchos have been used by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic time, namely Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador and are now considered typical South American garments.
Essentially a poncho is a single piece of woven wool fabric with an opening in the center, for the head so the poncho is draped over the body with openings for the arms providing warmth and comfort while remaining loose and breathable.
We have had Knitted our welsh blanket design into a super soft and deliciously warm, light and comfortable, pull over your head easy to wear poncho.

We love them.

Light and reversible
Charcoal and cloud with pebble and sky trim

Size – 58cm width x 85cm length with a neck opening of 27cm

Made in the UK by Corgi who make our socks, from 100% extrafine merino wool
To take care of these soft yarns, handwash at 40 degrees and dry flat.