The possibles bag


We like to call this soft leather pouch the 'possibles' bag.

This is not a "survival kit" in the sense they are normally thought of. This is a 'Possibles' for everyday.
18th century trappers used to carry a bag that contained everything that they might possibly need in a day.

For adventures we like to keep essentials in it like a fire strike, a classic swiss army pen knife, some Beck Olja and a knife sharpener.

But it is a lovely bag to keep anything you like in.

Handcrafted from 1.2mm fully vegetable tanned reindeer leather from freely grazing reindeer in lapland.
In Lapland the Sami keep their salt or coffee in them.

The bag is approx 23cm x 11cm x 6cm
- Does not include contents as seen in the picture

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