Working hands, washing up set


A fforest welshwords tea towel, a natural washing up brush, a small brush and some hand balm, make a very satisfying washing up set.

This washing-Up Brush fits comfortably and neatly into the hand and is strong enough for scrubbing pans and small enough to reach into cups.
It is skilfully hand-made in Sri Lanka from coir coconut fibre.
Each durable brush measures 10cmx 7cm and will last for months, can be recycled when worn out.
By LoofCo

Small oval bamboo and coconut brisel nail brush which is also good for scrubbing potatoes is always handy to have by the sink.

Hardworking Hands Badger balm
This is the stuff you want to sooth working hands. Its a super moisturising salve for rough or dry cracked, chapped and weathered skin.
Certified organic, ultra-concentrated moisturising power, gentle enough to use every day. Smells of sweet birch and wintergreen oils up lifting the spirits, dreaming of the woods.

fforest tea towel perfect for drying up